How to Compost at home

Hello again lovelies!

So it turns out that my beautiful vegetable patch needs some awesome fertilizer! and….. having explored this “necessity” it turns out that it can be quite costly, depending on where it comes from.  And given the purpose of my adventure is to keep the cost of being self sufficient as LOW as possible, it means there is only one way to get hold of THE best fertilizer for as little as possible and that is to make it myself!!  yes now I did some research and it can take a little time to start mixing in the finished product into our veg patch and so I will have NO choice to buy some fertilizer this harvest but toward the end and no doubt next spring I will have a good pile of incredible compost/fertilizer to start my next harvest off perfectly.

All you need is a compost bin. Yes, I know that the huge 220L bins A-cost about £25 pounds, and B- they are HUGE! I certainly do not want one that big taking up space in my garden!

So I went onto Amazon and got this baby


Its so cute! comes with a free Bio bag to so you can get started right away! it cost £13.49 and with free delivery too! what’s not to like about that?

Link for the Compost bin !

I just needed to research a little bit more on what I put in it to create compost and I stacked it next to my other indoor recycling bins outside.

This is a great way to get the family involved in your eco bin, but if like my kids, and your children just see the shape of a bin and put anything in it, let me suggest a little list on a white board instructing them what can and what can not go into the composter.  I also recommend that you buy a small bag of play bark to get your balance of greens and browns (its ALL about the balance of greens and browns you guys!) greens being the stuff that would technically come from the house, browns being leaves, twigs etc…

I struggled with that as we have absolutely NO leaves or twigs are anything SO, I bought a small bag of UNTREATED kids play bark and stacked it upside of my garden shed and that then was my BROWNS.  Always the same amount too! if you go, for example, what would be 1 cup of browns, to one cup of greens and so on.. the balance will be right.  It would hurt to plop in a few of THE best compost producers Mother Natures gives us and that would be the good old earth worm.  Turning the mush is required at regular intervals.  And before you know it you have the best fertilizer available and it cost you a few pounds.

Follow my Composting Photo blog (up this coming Monday!) and if you are composting this harvest, let me know how yours is getting on.

Below is the white board my family use to know what and what not to put in the composter x


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